Trust, Truth and the
AI-lephant in the Room

Trust, Truth and theAI-lephant in the Room
“ALL HAIL…” Why no one dares to admit that AI is not the ultimate solution and never will truly connect us with our clients?

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Why no one dares to admit that AI is not the ultimate solution and never will truly connect us with our clients? Or aid us appreciate whom and how we can help?

Why is it that business leaders have focalised on AI like on a Magic 8 Ball, which gives vague, random and subject to million interpretations answers every time you shake it?

A scene from Men In Black comes to mind (remember the locker?): “ALL HAIL…”  something so big and impossible to fathom, seem to throw business entities and leaders into an almost religious following, chanting “AI is the answer to all” the questions we have. Well, I’ll say it again:  consider a Magic-8-Ball – it’s cheaper and will give equally unclear and uncertain results in getting closer to and connecting with your clients. Now, don’t get me wrong: knowledge is important and if AI helps with that, then welcome it is. But is that the aim?

And so, what is the alternative? The answer is simple, I think, and it’s been around for centuries: we are human beings and trust & truth are the things that make us connect with each other. We are human being and we are made to respond to authentic vibes and sounds. The gut feel, you’ve heard of that one.

So are some businesses today trying to trick us? And why would they? Is it because caring for and helping is not their primary aim and has never been? Profits, but no purpose, as their business goal. And being humans, we intuitively feel that, thus trust becomes impossible to give, or gain. Results: we move on, continuing the search for the authentic, for the one, or the thing we can truly trust and feel they care.

And what if we turn this around? What if we start with (get back to!) simple human conversation. Connecting with other humans, one by one, not the many (aka the consumer mass). What if understanding, genuinely caring and helping one human being, would naturally bring the many others who need similar help? What if we start to truly care for the human beings, who cross our paths and happen to be our clients, employees, colleagues or suppliers at that?

Can anyone honestly imagine and believe that something other than human connection will ever replace the human touch, the human understanding of another, the empathy and the true and trusting emotions that start in the gut? Connections are felt and no artificial reasoning or logic can replace that.

No one cares how much you know,
until they know how much you care

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