Essential Client Persona

Essential Client Persona

In a super crowded marketplace, you need to be able to identify your ideal client and promote your product/service specifically to them. If you “speak” to everyone, chances are no one will hear you. There’s too much noise. It’s a crowded place.

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Jenny & The Jets Cafe

Jenny & The Jets Cafe

A client asked me the other day:
“Why do I need an Ideal Client Persona?
That’s marketing stuff …
Why can’t we just get on and fix operational stuff here?”

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The Senses in CX - First Impressions

The Senses in CX
First Impressions

Whatever it is that you do as a business, the first contact with you customer is always visual.
The form and the moment change, but one thing always remain: the first contact is visual!

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I do CX. What is your superpower?

I do CX.
What is your superpower?

And it dawned on me, this is what Customer Experience (aka CX) really is about: care about the results your clients achieve more than the boxes you can (or are told to) tick.

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Just a Job or PASSION & INTENT?

Just a Job or

It all starts with the passion of an entrepreneur, the hunger to create and succeed. It could be anything, a passion for baking something, a passion for making something… a passion to dance or even passion for finance…

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Why Do We Do It?

Why Do We Do It?

We believe in a better way of doing business.

We believe it will make the world a better place.
We know a good product for a reasonable price is not enough today.

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