I do CX.
What is your superpower?

I do CX. What is your superpower?
And it dawned on me, this is what Customer Experience (aka CX) really is about: care about the results your clients achieve more than the boxes you can (or are told to) tick.

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If you look at my CV from a few years ago, you will find all the “must-have” corporate jargon and professional hard skills listed one by one:

  • #BusinessDevelopment
  • #SalesNegotiations
  • #SalesMarketing

But thinking about what is behind each one of those, what are the things that have led me to be good at it, be successful at it, I realise it is only one skill and it is a soft one! 

I like people. I care about people and thrive helping anyone and everyone achieve their best. That one skill is the root and the route to listening, understanding and working towards finding the right solution, which brings success to clients and colleagues alike. 

And it is fair to say, their successes have made mine. Their challenges, the solutions they implement, the results they achieve, with my humble help or guidance, these are the things I’m most proud of. The things that count most for me. The things that connect me with them in a way so much more powerful than a sales negotiation technique ever can.

And it dawned on me, this is what Customer Experience (aka CX) really is about: care about the results your clients achieve more than the boxes you can (or are told to) tick.

So today, I’m considering breaking the rules and re-write my CV. One sentence only, Hemingway style:

Helping businesses understand their clients, fall in love with them and stay that way. I do CX – that is my superpower!

… I know, what you are thinking right now: “That’s two sentences there…” Well, you are right, but I’m not Hemingway and I’ll say it again: I do CX – that is my #SuperPower!

No one cares how much you know,
until they know how much you care

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