First Principles
in Customer Experience

First Principlesin Customer Experience
It used to be mostly about Product, Price & Profit.
Today it is all about Engagement, Experience & Excellence, even Education & Empowerment.

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First Principles.

What are they and why should we apply them?

It used to be mostly about Product, Price & Profit. Well, not anymore.

Today it is all about Engagement, Experience & Excellence, even Education & Empowerment. It is all about the people we serve and how we do it. Today it is all about the feelings and emotions we leave, as a business, in the hearts and minds of the people we serve.

I see it all the time. It’s like a split personality syndrome. As a client, we want great & personalised service, we want remarkable experiences, we want to be engaged, educated. Yet as soon as we get behind the counter, taking the role of a business owner, clients become a non-distinctive mass of consumers. “Consumers” – I abhor this word. But the bigger question here is:

Why this “personality” shift?

Perhaps, it is about subjective perceptions; but I believe it is because, much too often, we still apply outdated business models. Too often we still focus on the Product-Price-Profit and forget about the people we are meant to serve.

How to get to the essence?

I believe the First Principles for Remarkable Customer Experience are indeed a 3-step process:

=> See the Human => Understand the Person => Help the Client

See the Human

We could be labelled “consumers”, “customers”, “patients” or “clients” etc., but before anything else, we are all human. Emotional reactions are hardwired in our DNA and are universally similar for all of us. And when, as a business, we focus on creating a remarkable experience with every interaction, we create emotions, we speak directly to human nature.

Understand the Person

Understanding the personal pains & problems, goals & ambitions, wants & motivations are the key to crafting a personalised solution. We cannot help everyone in this world, but we surely can make a difference to the ones we truly understand.

Help the Client

Now we can! Having created warmth for the human and truly understood the person in front, now we can help the client. Now we can really personalise our offer and help the human and the person, who happens to be our client too.

What does it mean for us as a business?

If we only see the “consumer” in front, then like a commodity we will be perceived too. We mirror behaviours – it’s a human thing.

Creating remarkable Customer Experience with the human, the person, in mind is the most important competitive advantage a business could have today. And this, in turn, could make the difference between going out of business tomorrow or being here for the long-term. Create great experience and your product will become the choice, you will not have to compete on price and consequently, profits will come.

What does it mean for us as clients?

Remarkable experience has an intangible value, yet powerful and compelling. Naturally attracted we are by the things and places where we feel safer, better understood, really well looked after. In those places, effortless loyalty is born, because we humans, we crave connections. The authentic type. It’s not about fitting in. It’s about connections we can trust – it’s the human being in all of us.

When we start with the human in mind, we will never go wrong.

People will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget
how you made them feel

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