Client Persona

Template For The Small Business Owner


WHY do you need this template?

In a super crowded marketplace, you need to be able to identify your ideal client and promote your product/service specifically to them. If you “speak” to everyone, chances are no one will hear you. There’s too much noise. It’s a crowded place.

HOW this template will help you?

It will help you to laser-focus on the things that are most important for your prospects and clients in direct relation to what and how you do. It will help you define segments and strategically decide which ones to concentrate on. The more specific your message the greater impact it will have.

WHAT is different about this template?

It goes deeper into and considers fundamental human (your client!) behaviour. People buy from people and those people are human beings that happen to be your prospects or clients. Understanding their emotions, their wants, motivations, challenges and worries and mastering their language is key to becoming The Choice, constantly attracting clients and creating raving fans.



Here lays the key to identifying your clients’ expectations. When you understand what a person expects, you can plan on how to deliver. People perceive things in different ways, and often different from you. For your clients it is always personal, it is never just business. This section considers human behaviour, feelings, and emotions which make them, or will make them, seek your help, your product. Emotional reactions are encoded in our DNA. Understanding the emotions that drive your clients to actions equals predictable business coming your way. This is the key to creating raving fans.


This is the must-have core form of segmentation. One product can often solve several problems. Identifying which problem, you solve for which demographic segment will allow you to sharpen your message and be relative. Being specific is essential to personalise your offer. Personalising your product/solution, makes your clients feel uniquely understood. You become the choice and often The Only Choice for them.


The most basic form of segmentation – age, gender, location etc. You need to consider this, on several levels and where applicable create several Client Personas to reflect the different demographic segments. Remember Baby-boomers are very different from Gen Z.


Always remember:
for your clients
It's always personal,
It's never just business,