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POWER-UP PROFITS PROGRAMME 1-Day Intensive Workshop +
3 Weeks Coaching
25th April 2020 Start 9:00 End 17:00 Park Plaza Waterloo, London SE1 7DP


Great ideas and success are never born by chance. If you are feeling lost or tired of chasing with little or no results, join us at the
Power-Up PROFITS Programme:
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1-Day Intesive Workshop +
3 Weeks Coaching Programme


What We Do

A holistic & powerful method designed specifically to do three things: increase sales & profits, grow a loyal customer base, reignite & harness the  forces that drive business success. Seven-steps method to creating remarkable customer experience, leaving great impressions, building profitable business that stands out!

We created the I.M.P.R.E.S.S™ method, because there was nothing that aided entrepreneurs / small business owners to design, create and implement a holistic & strategic customer experience concept, whether they are starting-up or in established business. Remarkable experience and the impressions your organisation creates & leaves in the minds of your clients, are the most important competitive advantage you could ever have.

Often, Customer Experience is considered to be just another trendy marketing technique. We believe this is profoundly wrong! Remarkable Experience is a strategic choice. 
So think about it…. what are you selling? Are you selling what your customers want to buy and/or will remember? Or are you selling just a product for a reasonable price?

The I.M.P.R.E.S.S™ Master Method is the tool you need to create remarkable Customer Experiences around the product or service you already have. A tool that will enable you to streamline and focus your organisation on creating impressive & remarkable experiences every day.
By implementing it, the results you can expect are: boost profits, grow a loyal customer base, create high performing and motivated teams, efficient profitable operations and a sense of achievement every day!

The Power-Up Profits Programme is designed specifically for small business owners, either established or starting up, who want to get ahead in the game, improve their bottom line with more sales, higher profits, reduce churn & costs and position their product/service as the must have. Success today and growth tomorrow directly depend on that. Any product or price can and will be copied. Only remarkable experiences remain unique & compel clients to come back, spend more.

To increase sales & profits you need more than just rely on unpredictable number of customers walking through your door. You need a proven method that gets customers compelled to come to you, then come back again & again. You need a proven method that gets you out of the commodity race and systematically turns your customers into raving fans. You need the KNOW-HOW to create a profitable “WOW”. With our group coaching – come – mastermind programme we give you exactly that! Plus the support you need to achieve lasting results.

One to One CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Coaching & Mentoring

One to One Coaching is a powerful way to learn, design, implement and stay on track.
The aim is for you, the entrepreneur, to gain the skills and implement the techniques enabling you to sustain the process and harness it’s benefits whenever you need.  The aim is your growth!
We believe your passion for your business is your brand, your story and therefore the force that attracts customers and keeps them in.  The force that made you start this journey in the first place. The force that keeps you going when it gets tough.
If you have the passion, we will give you the tools to leverage its force every day!
Our One-to-One Coaching Method is a 12-weeks long program – step by step learning, designing, implementing and making sure you stay on track. It delivers astounding results, giving you the tools to sustain your strategies, to create and deliver impressive customer experience, to develop & perpetuate smooth operations, to build & grow engaged teams and stay ahead of your competition. Making and growing profits is the natural side-effect of this.

Concept and Implementation

Are you leaving the impressions you make to chance? Are you offering the exact value your clients want? Or are you selling just a product for a reasonable price?
First impressions count!… and last impressions do last… for a long time!
How do you become visible in a world full of choice? How do you become The Choice in times when a good product for a reasonable price is not enough? How do you get out of the commodity race?

The Customer Experience you create is the most important competitive advantage you could have. So don’t leave it to chance.
Make it by design!
And designing a remarkable CX concept is where we can help!

Working with Impression CX was a revelation. It brought clarity and gave us precious tools and techniques to apply immediately. The results were instantly felt by our customers. They are becoming our raving fans!
Thank you I*CX Team! Absolutely brilliant!
James Conrad

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